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"@t" by GO!GO!7188 from "Gyotaku"
"Cats Van Bags" by Atmosphere from "Seven's Travels"
"Mommy" by The Slackers from "Close My Eyes"
"My Head" by Cex from "Maryland Mansions"
"On That Stage" by Mike Park from "For The Love Of Music"
"Damage" by Non-Prophets from "Hope"
"On To You" by The Constantines from "Shine A Light"
"Infrared" by Strike Anywhere from "Exit English"
"On With The Show" by The Lawrence Arms from "The Greatest Story Ever Told"
"Tony Adams" by Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros from "Rock, Art, & The X-Ray Style"
"Knightrider Of Doom" by Rhapsody from "Power Of The Dragonflame"
"Cutsman" by HORSE the band from "R. Borlax"
"Heart a Tact" by Kid Dynamite from "Cheap Shot Youth Anthem"
"Everything Goes Numb" by Streetlight Manifesto from "Everything Goes Numb"
"Beer Exile" by The Grabass Charlestons from "The Greatest Story Ever Hula'd"
"Absence Makes The Heart Die" by Clann Zú from "Clann Zú EP"
"Wrong" by Aces Over Kings
"Cool To Be You" by The Descendents
"Don't Hate Me For The Reward" by The Fleshies from "The Sicilian"
"Open Books" by Somerset


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